R & A Bulk Printing

R&A Bulk Printing & Wholesale
We offer our clients the full package to enable them to wholesale Airtime vouchers by bulk printing vouchers and reselling them to public.
Our Software is supplied to you at NO COST!
What you need to start: (Please note that R&A can supply these items to you at the best price)

1. Dotmatrix Printer:
-OKI 5521
-OKI 3321
-Printronix P5005 or P7005
-Telly Printer

2. Computer Specifications:
-1 Gig RAM
-160G Hard Drive
-Windows XP or Higher

3. – Any Internet Connectivity such as ADSL or 3G

For more information or a quote please email : info@racellular.co.za or call the office on 013 656 6883

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